Schedule a Fifteen Minute Organization Plan

Organization may not be your greatest area of strength but you can still improve your situation.  Start with a mission statement.  “From this day forth I will devote fifteen minutes a day to an organization task.  I will schedule a specific time each day and allot additional time when it is available.  Neither telephone, television, shopping, eating, nor any other device will separate me from my organization plan.  I am determined to succeed.”

 Explore the benefits of functioning in an organized world.  Be willing to invest the extra time and money now to create time freedom in the future.  A runner preparing for a race spends months training.  He buys the best shoes.  He fixes his eyes on the finish line and is willing to sacrifice now for future results.  Along the way he will deal with setbacks: Yet to succeed he must continue to train, set goals, and work towards achieving them.  Apply these same principles to organizing your home.  An organized home provides many benefits:

  • More free time
  • Increases your life span (it lowers your stress level)
  • You accomplish more
  • Boosts self-esteem
  • Warm fuzzies (compliments from other people)
  • Child training (contributes to your children’s future success)
  • Allows you to entertain with minimal effort
  • You can enjoy an orderly home every day.

Make a decision to rearrange your busy schedule and set aside time to become organized.  It will take more time initially, but in the long run you will become much more productive.  Your life is like a cluttered desk at the office.  The desk is piled with heaps of papers that have an invisible stamp on them that reads, ‘Urgent respond immediately.’  Where do you go with all of the papers?  Do you clear one corner and start a new stack?  The only real solution is to invest time in creating a place for everything.  Clear some filing cabinets.  Label some folders.  Only when you have done these important tasks can you eliminate the stacks, no matter how urgent they may be.  The only alternative is to continue to move the same papers over and over again slipping further behind.  Delete something temporarily from your schedule while you work your personal organization plan.   Once you achieve the desired organization level implement a maintenance system so you do not revisit your former life.

 Organizing your life is a task that will demand your time and attention.   Do not schedule it around other major events or changes in your life, such as; 

  • A new pet
  • A new baby
  • Vacation time
  • Beginning of a new job
  • Extended house guests
  • A major medical crisis
  • A house renovation
  • A family wedding

 Once you confess the mission statement, focus on the benefits, and clear your schedule you are ready to conquer the mess.  Make a list of the areas you want organized.  Schedule time each day on an organization project.  When an area is completed mark it off your list.  Establish a maintenance plan to keep an area neat.  If the pantry is your first battlefield, organize your pantry putting like items together.  Stack or line up the canned goods putting the vegetables together, soups in the same area and so on.  Maintain your system each time you put groceries away.  When you are in a hurry do not be tempted to shove the canned goods in the pantry and ignore your system.

In addition to time, money is another required investment.  You may need to buy containers or furniture to organize some areas in your home.  You may choose to have a professional company install a closet organization system.  Hire a home consultant to assist you.  Reading books about organization is also a valuable tool to help you.

Observe the people around you that are organized.  Use them as role models and ask them the secret to their success. 


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